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A 5-Star Local Family Business

Hello – and thank you for taking the time to visit our junk removal website.  We’re your hard-working local family-owned junk hauling professionals.

This isn’t our only business, we’ve been around the block a time or two and we love helping our local community solve problems.

Junk is a big problem… Whether it’s in your home, your garage, your attic, your shed, your business, or your construction site – it simply gets in the way and clutters up your life.  We believe that “Spring Cleaning” shouldn’t just be for “Spring Time.”

We believe that removing hiring us to take away unwanted items from your personal or business property allows you to enjoy more of your living or work space – and lets you breathe a little easier.

Our friendly service is trusted, respected, and referred… Give us a chance – hire us today – and be our next 100% satisfied customer!


Yep - We take kitchen sinks, too!

As an adult – we can all agree on the fact that sometimes – “Life just happens whether we want it to or not.”  Sometimes, factors or events play a role in our life that we never thought would do so…

When we get busy for weeks, months, or years at a time – things can pile up around us.  We buy things we never use, our closet is filled with clothes we never wear and those expensive shoes that hurt our feet everytime we put them on.

The kid’s room fills up with gadgets and toys that were cool three years ago, but now are simply collecting dust in the corner – or taking up space in the closet, the attic, or the garage.

Then, we may need to move to a new home or an apartment – and somethings are just not worth taking with us or maybe we know they won’t fit in a smaller living space.  This is how junk adds up and clutters our lives…  We’ve been there, too.  Contact us and let us help you simplify your life!


Well-Equipped for Jobs of All Sizes

Our prices are fair and depend up on the amount of junk, debris, or unwanted items you have for us to pick up and take away.  We’re equipped to pick up light, heavy, or bulky objects of all kinds.

As a homeowner, you’ll love that we’re friendly, we’re trustworthy, we respect your property, and we always leave a job site cleaner than when we found it – we make your clutter and waste disappear so you can enjoy more of your living space.

As a business owner, you’ll like that you can trust us in your establishment and that we complete our tasks without disrupting your work flow or your schedule.  We’ll quickly do our work and be on our way – giving you back more room to efficiently run your business.

We also clean up construction debris in a hurry, we take near full dumpster trash giving you more room and saving you money, or we can drop off a Bagster Bag, let you fill it up on your own, and then we’ll stop back by to pick it up later.

Your junk removal job of any size is important to us.

Many people procrastinate about what to throw out or what to do with things they’re not using any longer in their home, their yard, or their business office… But when our truck or dumpster pulls away with those excess items – you kind of feel a “small victory” inside.

Give us a call and let’s start the process – it’s easy…

— Coastline Junkers, Baytown Texas

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Your first step is to contact us, tell us what you need picked up or removed, and then let us help you choose the best way to get rid of it.

Get Your Estimate

We can usually give you a ballpark estimate on the phone, but we'll need to physically see your job (on site) to give you an exact price.

Arival On The Job

On the scheduled day of your job, we'll show up on time to meet you, look at the work, give you an exact price - and then do the work.

After The Job

When our work is done and everything is loaded up and ready to go - we'll collect our payment and then properly dispose of your junk.

Proudly serving: Baytown, Channelview, Galveston, Houston, Jacinto City, Kemah, La Porte, League City, Mont Belvieu, Pearland, Taylor Lake Village, Texas City, and nearby Texas cities.

Residential or Commercial - We Make Junk Disappear!

"Absolutely thrilled with the junk removal service these guys provide! The team was punctual and incredibly professional. From my first phone call, they were friendly and honest; their prices were very fair.  I had a lot of useless things from years past and they handled them with care even though we were getting rid of them - I appreciated that."

- Kirsten Aura, 5-Star Google Review

"Fantastic experience! The Coastline Junkers's crew arrived right on time, dressed neatly, and were super polite. They handled everything smoothly and quickly - and some of my stuff was really heavy. The price was appropriate for the amount of work they had to do and for the fact that I no longer have to trip over things in my garage!"

- Sam Flynn, 5-Star Google Review

"Could not be happier with the junk removal service! The team was prompt, well-presented, and extremely polite. They worked swiftly and knew exactly what they were doing, making the whole process stress-free. Their pricing was fair, and their professionalism was beyond what I had expected. A truly commendable job!"

- CJ Hylander, 5-Star Google Review

"Whether residential or commercial - we provide high-quality junk removal services that safely and effectively improve your property.  We dispose of unwanted items in a safe and environmentally friendly way." - Coastline Junkers